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I want to build this. Hate having the bar roll towards the garage door all the time. I saw a post where you suggest using cardboard to level the platform, is this still the best method? Also, I am having trouble finding the 8' x 4' stall mats. Is there a source for them in the puget sound?


Layered cardboard is still the best method I have found for leveling a garage gym platform. As for 4x8 stall mats they're available at Bigger Faster Stronger, however getting 4x6 mats at your local tack & feed store might be more economical. Just fill the extra space with more plywood.


I will look at BFS. If I went the 4x6 stall mat route would you center it (one foot each side) or have it flush against on side or the other? I am guessing flush against one side but want to confirm.

Would you leave the plywood natural or put some finish on it? If so what finish?

Henderson Garage Doors

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